Culture & Leadership

The frontier for human experience is closer than we think

When we think of frontiers, we think of boundaries between the known and unknown, the edge we see in the distance, something that is always just over the horizon. Yet when we step into what was once the frontier, the horizon moves on us, with new distances to cross, edges to reach. It is this dynamic of frontiers, wrapped in our individual and shared experiences of the last few years that shape this very special issue. It is also why now more than ever frontiers are an important part of our transformation. Frontiers that push us beyond where we can see, and frontiers of rediscovering so much of what we may need to rebuild. The experience movement is a journey through frontiers, around us, in front of us and inside of us. They connect us and push us, the reveal our power and purpose and we must never let them be the reasons we do not take that next step. The frontiers of experience are closer than we think. They are, because of what each of you do each day for one another. And that care, that hope, may be the greatest outcome of all.