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Staff and Provider Engagement: The Impact of Connecting with Patients and Families

By Corey Kimpson

This is the fifth blog in a series of eight by The Beryl Institute’s Global Patient & Family Advisory Board (GPFAB). The intent of this series is to present our perspective on patients’ and families’ lived experience through each of the strategic lenses of The Beryl Institute’s Experience Framework. The Experience Framework is a community-developed tool that acknowledges the integrated nature of healthcare experience and is comprised of eight strategic lenses that help shape patient experience efforts.

Lens: Staff and Provider Engagement: The Why

Caring for those delivering and supporting the delivery of care, and reaffirming a connection to meaning and purpose, is fundamental to the successful realization of a positive experience.


When staff and clinicians are supported and engaged, patients and families experience a personal connection, joyful teamwork, and mutual respect that contributes to the patient feeling well cared for, safe, and confident in the team.


Staff and provider engagement is essential in healthcare organizations because it fosters a collaborative environment that enhances the quality of patient care. This engagement leads to better patient outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and a more supportive atmosphere for both patients and their families.

Patient and care partner experience begins with the experience of staff and care providers. If a care provider is not invested and engaged in the care they provide, such as appearing unfocused, distant, detached and uncommitted to the well-being of the patient, the patient and care partner are more likely to feel as though they are not receiving the best care possible. 

When staff and providers are engaged, they tend to communicate more effectively with patients and care partners, leading to higher levels of satisfaction. Their commitment and attention to detail ensure that patients receive appropriate and timely treatments while feeling heard, respected, and valued, which enhances their overall experience.

When an organization does not recognize and promote the importance of staff and care provider engagement, they risk much more than a poor patient and care partner experience. Disengaged staff and care providers are less resilient, finding less joy in their work and experiencing increased burnout, which may negatively impact the healthcare team.

On the other hand, engaged staff and care providers foster a collaborative environment resulting in:

  • Improved patient coordination
  • Efficiency in patient care
  • Positive experiences for all                                                            

Despite the many years of education to develop their knowledge and skills, staff and providers are not superheroes. They feel anguish, disappointment, and human emotion just as patients and care partners do. By sharing stories and lived experiences with the care team, patient and care partners can appeal to the passion that led staff and providers into healthcare in the first place. And when the patient and care partner experience is positive, it is more likely the staff and provider experience will be positive as well, which is what we all aim for in healthcare each and every day.

About the Author

Corey Kimpson is the epitome of the sandwich generation, having cared for grandparents, parents, and family members. With a passion for her community, Corey has served as a member of the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Council and currently serves as a member of the Ontario Health West Patient and Family Advisory Council and co-chair of The Beryl Institute’s Global Patient and Family Advisory Board. Corey lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two children.

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