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Social Media from the Lens of a Multigenerational Workforce

Laura Miller, CPXP | Managing Consultant, NICU Innovation, March of Dimes

For most hospitals, the patient experience begins with their online presence. Patients and families utilize the hospital’s website and social media (SM) outlets to help understand the system and manage expectations. As SM expands as a resource for communicating, information and gallery sharing, and for other needs, hospitals are challenged with the task of how to handle the potential pitfalls and hazards of the medium beyond their website. This webinar will look at communication and SM from the lens of a multigenerational workforce, exploring how each generation prefers to communicate in different ways. It will discuss how each platform can benefit an organization, and provide examples of how employees underestimated the impact their online presence and posts would have on themselves and to their organization. Participants will learn different avenues a hospital can use to engage employees to create policies that benefit the patients as well as the employees and organization.