Staff & Provider Engagement

Improving the Patient Experience through Hospitalist and Nursing Engagement

Cathy Utne, Director of Patient and Guest Services, Fairview Southdale Hospital
Nancy Dezellar Walsh, Consultant, Dezellar Walsh Consulting

Fairview Southdale Hospital has developed a process to engage hospitalists and nursing staff on its medicine unit. The phases included design, training, measurement and reinforcement. This training included an overview of the current patient satisfaction results, the best practices, viewing of a short video of the demonstration of the behaviors, the measurement process and accountability plan. This process is now being replicated at the other hospitals in the system. It has demonstrated significant success in the specialty clinics where one site improved from 1st quartile to 4th quartile in the leading indicator in just four months’ time. Participants will gain knowledge in methods for improving HCAHPS, learn about rapid cycle measurement processes and implement sustainment strategies for ongoing success.