Policy & Measurement

Driving Better Real-World and Evidence-based Policy Outcomes Through Patient + Public Experience 

Nina Bianchi | Public Sector, Solutions Principal, Medallia
Samantha Finstad | Senior Health Science Policy Advisor/President’s Cancer Panel, National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Michelle Holko | Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF), Technology Transformation Services
Renee Lobanovskyy | Director, Partner Services and Partnership Development, HHS Grant Solutions
Alex Wilson | Director of Health+, OASH – Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health

People are at the center of our healthcare system. Real-world data – particularly when gathered through innovative methods – has the power to improve outcomes and influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care. Imagine a future of more personalized healthcare fueled by evidence-based policymaking, robust real-world data, and real-time experience signals. Join us for a leadership discussion around how federal agencies are using innovative technology to more effectively and urgently address current and systemic health challenges in the pandemic and beyond. Participants will discover: Best practices in federal research and regulation to accelerate more listening and a better understanding of patient needs Approaches to leverage AI and Machine Learning to enhance patient experience and support public health officials to make better decisions and faster. More effectively addressing mission-critical priorities with data and technology innovation Power of crowdsourcing to build trust with the public and rapidly move ideas to solutions and solutions to market faster

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