Culture & Leadership

Achieving Patient Experience Excellence through Cultural Transformation

Rhonda Dishongh, Director of Customer Experience Design, Memorial Hermann
Qaalfa Dibeehi, Chief Operating and Consulting Officer, Beyond Philosophy

This session focuses on key aspects of culture change and what leaders need to do (and to avoid) in order to create the cultures they desire. Memorial Hermann Health System (MHHS) offers a wide array of therapies and treatment options for cancer patients, but found itself in the proverbial deep shadow of world renowned M.D. Anderson. While many patients used MHHS’s cancer diagnostic services, they did not remain with MHHS for treatment. MHHS needed to improve its patient experience by differentiating its cancer treatment services for breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer, increase the ratio of insured cancer patients, and position its services as number one for the treatment of routine cancers. MHHS, with Beyond Philosophy, conducted research and important insights were translated into an actionable and sustainable patient-centered initiative that significantly improved patient satisfaction scores.

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