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Harnessing Technology for Patient-Centered Rounding: Trends and Best Practices

Watch an illuminating journey into the world of rounding technology within healthcare organizations, spotlighting its role in capturing in-the-moment feedback as part of a comprehensive XM (Experience Management) listening strategy. Delve into the latest tech trends, implementation strategies, and patient engagement tips through practical insights and real-world case studies. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable knowledge – register now to be part of this informative webinar!

Katie Haifley, CPXP | Co-Founder, CMO, & Director of Client Services, Nobl

Learning Objectives:
-Examine the pivotal role of rounding technology in modern healthcare organizations.
-Discover effective strategies for selecting and implementing technology solutions for rounding.
-Explore the utilization of technology to amplify patient engagement during rounding processes by examining how it facilitates patient participation and discussing various tools and approaches designed to promote patient-centered communication.
-Recognize common challenges and barriers to technology adoption in healthcare settings, and acquire strategies to overcome these obstacles while maximizing the benefits of technology implementation for patient rounding processes
-Summarize results from healthcare organizations and take home applications

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