Guiding Principles - Self Assessment

Assess your foundation for experience excellence.

The Guiding Principles for Experience Excellence represent eight foundational actions on which all experience efforts should be grounded. This self-assessment is designed to allow for personal reflection, identification of opportunities for action and building shared leadership consensus on the critical issues impacting an organization’s ability to drive experience success.The assessment is designed for senior leaders or leadership teams as identified by your organization.

Each leader individually completes the Guiding Principles  Assessment (available online or as a printable worksheet) based on their personal perspective of the organization as it operates today. The leaders then meet and reach a final consensus score for each  item and identify the top priorities of focus for the leadership team and your organization. 

The outcome is the strengthening and alignment of leadership commitment and a clarity on a shared experience vision and the identification of your top priorities of focus for the leadership team and your organization. 


Assessment Options


Access the downloadable Guiding Principles Self-Assessment and Debrief Worksheet and administer the process directly with your leadership team. You'll work together to arrive at a consensus score for each principle, establish priorities and identify actions for improvement. Exclusively available to members. Not a member? Join now

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Many organizations find value in having a neutral facilitator lead the Guiding Principles assessment. Providing unique insights and expertise on patient experience, a member of The Beryl Institute team will lead you through the process and facilitate an onsite or virtual workshop with your leadership team.

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