Experience Assessment - Getting Started

Discover your experience strengths and opportunities

The Experience Assessment is grounded in The Beryl Institute's Experience Framework and built on global research identifying factors seen as critical to positive experience outcomes by both high performing healthcare units and consumers of healthcare.

Upon completing the Experience Assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report that includes:

  • An overall Human Experience Index (HXI) score
  • An individual score associated with each of the eight strategic lenses of the Experience Framework
  • Access to a Review and Reflection Worksheet to help you begin to evaluate your scores and frame a plan to address what you discover
  • A debrief of your report with a member of The Beryl Institute staff including recommended resources associated with each lens as you look to elevate strengths or address opportunities for improvement (organizational assessment only)

There are two assessment options:

Organizational (Recommended)

Conduct the Experience Assessment at an organizational level to create a comprehensive picture of the strengths and opportunities you have in your efforts to improve the patient experience. The more people from your organization who answer the questions, the greater insight and actionable data you will have.

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Upon completion of a quick 5-7 minute assessment, you will immediately be provided a custom score report on your individual responses that you can print (and which will also be emailed directly to you). Your individual responses and results are anonymous and only available to you.

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