T-Shirt Designs

The Beryl Institute is happy to share these design files to help you create t-shirts or other items for your PX Week celebrations.

Target Audiences

Keep the following target audiences and supporters in mind when you choose your Patient Experience Week activities. Plan events during Patient Experience Week to recognize these special people. Applaud your team members and spread the word about patient experience improvement efforts made throughout your facility during Patient Experience Week.

Hospital Administration

Patient Experience Week is a great time to highlight the activities and accomplishments to your CEO, hospital administration and other administrative staff. This week provides an opportunity to increase awareness of the patient experience improvement efforts taking place not just in your facility but elsewhere in healthcare

Patient Experience Staff

Highlight the work that your patient experience leaders and patient experience do every day. They deserve recognition for all the work they do. Use Patient Experience Week to let them know how much you value their contributions to improving the patient experience in your facility and spotlight those employees who do an outstanding job.

Physicians and Nurses

Good communication and cooperation with physicians and nurses is essential in providing a quality patient experience. Let your key clinical staff know how much you appreciate their support by recognizing those who contribute to improving the patient experience in your facility.

Ancillary Department Staff

There is not one department in your facility that does not impact the patient experience. This is the time to say thank you to these departments for their support and contributions.


Let your patients know about the work that you do for them beyond providing them with quality healthcare.

The Community

Use the week to share information and spread awareness in the community about the patient experience efforts.