Culture & Leadership

You Have Just Been Named Chief Patient Experience Officer: What’s Next?

Lisa Allen, Ph.D. | Chief Patient Experience Officer, Johns Hopkins Health System, Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality

Being named the first Chief Patient Experience officer of a large, top ranked academic health system carries both great excitement and responsibility. This webinar shares a six-year review of what it takes to make this important role relevant in today’s health care environment. Topics covered are developing a strategy, creating an impactful team, building relationships with key players, and linkages to PFAC’s and frontline staff. Also covered is the role of the CPXO in creating a culture change, the time it takes, and how to deal with resistance. The webinar will also discuss how to refocus efforts when the work changes due to a pandemic. Join this webinar for tactics to: Construct a successful patient experience team. Develop key relationships through understanding your culture. Apply performance improvement tools and design thinking to patient experience. Modify the work to meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment.