Culture & Leadership

“Welcome.Listen.Care.” Improving the Patient and Employee Experience in the CICU through Three Service Acts that Enhance Personal Connection, Communication, and Real-time Responsiveness

In this case study, the critical care units at MetroHealth, driven by this philosophy of service, committed to doing all three service acts of welcoming, listening and caring for every patient, every time. “Through hundreds of conversations with patients through market Intelligence, survey data and comments, we learned what patients and families want when they come here: they want to be welcomed, they want to be heard, and they want to be cared for. So that’s what we try to do,” says Jennifer Lastic, Manager, Patient-Centered Care. “Patients perceive the quality of care through the interactions they have and the way we make them feel,” she continued. This call for compassion and empathy at each interaction has truly rewarded MetroHealth with glowing results. By connecting with patients upon admission – and consistently reconnecting throughout their hospital stay – a dynamic duo of “Jennifers” improved HCAHPS scores significantly, turning their unit into a high-performing example for others in their organization to follow.