Culture & Leadership | Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Three Powerful Stories of Women Leading the Future of Healthcare

Stacy Palmer, CPXP | Senior Vice President & COO, The Beryl Institute

Rana Awdish, MD, FACP, FCCP | Director Pulmonary Hypertension Program | Medical Director Care Experience Henry Ford Health System | Associate Professor, Clinician Educator FTA
Maureen Bisognano | President Emerita and Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Karen Frush, BSN, MD, CPPS | Senior Advisor, Safe and Reliable Healthcare | Adjunct Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine

As we continue to gain insight into inequities in healthcare, patient outcomes are a primary focus but inequities also occur within the walls of healthcare, behind closed doors. It is imperative to increase awareness of these inequities so that we may begin to change the culture of healthcare from all angles. One such inequity is the way in which women in the healthcare workforce are seen and treated. Join three powerful women who have become leaders in this male dominated field. Facilitated by the Institute’s Senior Vice President, Stacy Palmer, Dr. Karen Frush, Maureen Bisognano and Dr. Rana Awdish will share their stories and their lessons as women leading the future of healthcare.