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The Weight of Responsibility: Using AI in the Patient Experience

Many organizations are focused on using artificial intelligence (AI) to replicate humans. What if we flipped that focus and leveraged AI for a more noble purpose in helping humans understand humans? Through the power of AI, we can listen to patient voices in ways we haven’t been able to achieve, equipping us with rich insights that drive action and outcomes.

During this session, we will explore:
-What AI is (and what it isn’t)
-How AI goes beyond survey data to deepen our understanding of the human experience
-Case studies of healthcare companies leveraging AI to unlock a goldmine of insights that have historically been locked in their contact center

AI is shaping the next era of patient listening – helping PX leaders keep their fingers on the pulse of patient needs. Join us to learn more.

Leslie Pagel, Chief Evangelist Officer, Authenticx
Susan Brown, FNP-BC, Vice President of Professional Services, Authenticx

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