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Storytelling and its Practical Influence

Storytelling is a connection tool that has the tendency to influence and captivate an audience when done correctly. The power of a single story can also inspire and trigger the emotional (right brain) to react a certain way and/or bring sense and logic to a moment. This can ignite the left side of our brain connect us to those human emotions that move us to action. In this webinar, we’ll discuss ways to apply stories to stimulate your brain when sharing and receiving stories from others that can ultimately influence, change lives and help build rapport with patients and your teams.

Learning Objectives
⋅ Discuss the purpose of storytelling and the ROI in healthcare management.
⋅ Explore if you are an emotional (right brain) or logical (left brain) individual when it comes to hearing and presenting a story.
⋅ Discover ways to apply storytelling in your daily work and personal activities.

Vecepia Robinson, MHC, CPXP | Director Office of Patient Experience, Sutter Bay Medical Foundation
William Bratz, Program Manager, Sutter Bay Medical Foundation
Ernest Somers, Program Manager, Sutter Bay Medical Foundation

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