Policy & Measurement

Modernize the Surveys and Democratize the Data

Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP, President & CEO, The Beryl Institute

Panelists from the Patient Experience Policy Forum:
Shari Berman, Patient Advisor, Boston, MA
Chrissie Blackburn, MHA, Principal Advisor, Patient and Family Engagement, University Hospitals & University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
Rick Evans, SVP and Chief Experience Officer, New York Presbyterian
Courtney Nataraj, Patient Advisor, New York Presbyterian
Bob Parrish, Patient Advisor/President, Future Directions in Health Care
Dale Shaller, MPA, Principal, Shaller Consulting Group

In this session of the New Existence Webinar Series we explore the third aim in the Policy & Systemic Issues segment of The New Existence: Modernize the Surveys and Democratize the Data. The Policy & Systemic Issues segment calls on us to “advocate for equitable institutional, governmental and payor policies, incentives and funding to drive positive change.” The main actions under “Modernize the Surveys and Democratize the Data” that will be explored include: Diversify the ways in which we capture, hear and listen to patient and family voices across care settings. Democratize patient experience survey data to be more transparent, accessible and actionable. Modernize patient experience surveys to capture current and relevant information on patient needs and priorities.