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Managing Morale during Crisis: How Crocs & Coffee Cured COVID Concerns

Julie Cannon, Brand Engagement Manager, Dayton Children’s Hospital
Karen Muller, BS, CCLS, Child Life Manager, Dayton Children’s Hospital
Teresa L. Prouty, Family Partnership Coordinator, Dayton Children’s Hospital

This webinar, presented by Dayton Children’s Hospital, will focus on recognizing the need to implement a morale committee whose singular purpose is to collaborate, innovate and deliver equitable and meaningful activities during unprecedented times. During the webinar you will be given the tips and tools you need to successfully develop a morale committee across all continuums of healthcare. Watch to learn how to: Recognize the varied needs of staff in a crisis situation. Utilize multiple communication methods and tools to reach all members of an organization. Identify when to build a morale team, and when to wind it down.