Staff & Provider Engagement

Leader Coaching: The Link to Consistent Patient Experiences

Judy Catalano, Patient Experience Manager, Yale-New Haven Hospital
Gregory D.Nelson, Healthcare Consultant, Patient Perfect Healthcare

While evolving from service excellence to patient experience, Yale-New Haven Hospital developed an effective solution to instill the use of best practices throughout the organization and focused on recruiting a team of high performing, operations leaders to observe directly and coach all leaders at Yale. The link between patient expectations and staff meeting those expectations is a direct result of effective, consistent leadership. Yale-New Haven also recruited an internal team of high performing, operations leaders whose goal is to improve performance and the patient experience by: aligning the behavioral expectations for all leaders, promoting consistency, monitoring accountability and providing direct feedback. Many organizations elect to use external coaches on a consultative basis. In this webinar, learn the infrastructure of a leader coaching model that focuses on continual accountability to sustain employee engagement and results in consistent exceptional experiences for the patients, describe the role and responsibility and the selection criteria for an elite internal coaching team and the impact of reinforcing non-negotiable behaviors and relate the impact of a tracking process through an internal resource team to hardwire a culture built on aligned, consistent behaviors.

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