Culture & Leadership | Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Improving Patients’ Experience through Culture Competence

Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh, Diversity, Leadership and Culture Competence Consultant/Trainer – Social Media Strategist, Sahar Consulting, LLC

Over the past decade, the importance of cultural competence as a critical facet for the provision of high quality health care has risen. Healthcare providers and professionals need to start developing cultural awareness and sensitivity. Cultural sensitivity begins with a recognition that there are differences between cultures. These differences are reflected in the ways that different groups communicate and relate to one another and to the Healthcare professionals. These differences in experiences, beliefs, values and language affect the patients’ perceptions of clinical service delivery, acceptance of a diagnosis and following the treatment regardless of their cultural background. As the diversity of the population increases, so does its cultural complexity of diverse patient populations from different racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

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