Culture & Leadership

Identifying and Understanding the Multiple Dimensions of Patient Experience

Natalie Miller, RN, Clinical Solutions Director, Optum

Today, health care providers are looking for ways to enhance patient experiences as part of their overall strategies to improve medical outcomes, increase preventive health and reduce costs. At the heart of their efforts, is a renewed commitment to patient-centric models of care, supported by modernized environments, high-touch patient services, and greater focus on patient and clinician engagement. For many hospitals, technology – the implementation of interactive patient systems – is an integral part of their strategy. In this session, we will explore the history of nursing theory and how it applies to the shift in clinical practice and evidence-based care today. We will also explore the multiple dimensions of patient experience as it relates to clinical practice theories and how to use the understanding of those dimensions to identify the appropriate interactive patient care solutions. And we will discuss key elements required to optimize patient experience strategies.

Learning Objectives:

    1. Identify the key dimensions affecting the Patient Experience
    2. Describe how the science and art of nursing theory can be incorporated into modernized care to address each dimension of the Patient Experience
    3. Discuss how selecting the right interactive patient technology solution can positively affect each dimension of the Patient Experience while helping to improve patient satisfaction and clinician engagement

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