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How Daily Huddles Launch Conversation to Drive Metric Improvement

Since 2015 Cone Health Medical Group has been intentional about creating a culture of service excellence. Watch this webinar to discover how we partnered with Ritz Carlton Leadership Center to implement some of their key components ensure we have communication traveling from our sites up to our leaders and from our leaders down to our front-line team members every day. In these meetings, the whole medical group focuses on the same goals and service efforts. These brief conversations connect leaders at all levels with the day-to-day challenges and conversations happening where the care is taking place.

Learning Objectives
– Summarize how daily huddles highlight service behavior expectations and components of the organization’s values and how we put them into action.
– Ensure effective communication stream from medical groups up to leaders and from leaders down to front-line team members.
– Construct brief conversations to connect leaders with the day-to-day challenges where the care is taking place.

Susan Baker, Director of Operational Improvement, Cone Health
Jared Cooper, MBA, Director of General Operations, Cone Health
Marlee Foster, Sr. Patient Experience Manager, Cone Health

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SMESS Readiness Questions

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