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Every Conversation Has Consequences

Communication is our currency in healthcare. By focusing on three areas where miscommunication can occur: Patients, Players (team), and Practice, we can break the patterns of expectation, so everyone engages emotionally and becomes loyal, engaged, and committed to the organization’s success. Healthcare is shifting from product-centricity to people-centricity. Those who are adapting to this new reality are winning by creating unique and positive experiences for patients and team members. 

According to Gallup’s workplace analytics team, “Your employee experience is your employment brand.” Implementing high-level, intentional communication yields these and other results:
•Comfortable interactions
•Diffused confrontations
•Harmonious exchanges

Join this webinar to discover the tools that positively improve chronic problems of turnover, lack of engagement, and stagnant or declining production.

Speaker: Lisa Copeland, RDH, CSP, CVP | Team Consultant, Communicate With Influence

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