Culture & Leadership

Enhancing Communication Skills: A Catalyst for Org Cultural Transformation

William Maples, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Professional Research Consultants and Executive Director, The Institute for Healthcare Excellence
Galen Perdikis, MD, Faculty, The Institute for Healthcare Excellence
Chadi Ibrahim, MD, Medical Director of Medical House Services
Connie O’Malley, Chief Operating Officer
Amanda LaVoie, M.S., R.D., Director of Service Excellence and Environmental Services, Beaumont Hospital – Troy

Communication in Healthcare is a learner-centered curriculum providing skills to caregivers to navigate the journey from a provider-centered to a patient-centered and team-based culture, embracing a culture of trust, safety, and compassion. William Beaumont Hospital-Troy will share their journey in this program and the organizational changes they have witnessed since implementing the work. In addition, faculty from the Institute for Healthcare Excellence will share a summary of the journeys of multiple organizations which are pursuing excellence in outcomes, safety, efficiency and experience rooted in effective communication skills.

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