Environment & Hospitality

Designing Environments that Heal Part 3: The Environment

Lorissa MacAllister PhD, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB, EDAC, President, Enviah
Susan Mazer PhD, President, Healing Healthcare Systems

The final webinar in the three part Designing Environments that Heal series will talk about the sensory environment and the people who are living and working in the environment. The sensory environment will be defined and we will look at environmental stressor, symptoms, and ways to provide relief. We will investigate the circular relationships of the occupants of the environment – the culture of healing. Finally, strategic planning and action steps will be presented in order for participants to be able to outline a healing spaces project that can occur in their own facility.

*This webinar is part 3 of 3 of the Webinar Series on the Environments of Care.