Patient Family & Community Engagement

Delivery of patient education and support using an online digital platform for patients undergoing primary hip and knee replacement: The patient’s perspectives

The aim of the present evaluation was to evaluate the use of an online digital platform (ODP) to deliver patient education and support (PES) to patients undergoing total hip replacement (THR) and total knee replacement (TKR) surgery. Six objectives were outlined to assess the following areas: patient engagement; ease of use; understanding of information; quantity of information; aid of recovery; suggestions for improvements. A qualitative service evaluation of the ODP. Participants included patients who were registered to the platform for THR or TKR, were at least 90 days post-surgery and had accessed at least one carepac. Interviews followed a semi-structured schedule and were transcribed and analysed using thematic analysis. A total of 14 participants were interviewed. Three main themes were identified, each with subsequent sub-themes. (1) Health behaviours – internal control of own health, external email prompts, social support. (2) Contribution to recovery – quantity and quality of information available, structured program, suggestions of improvements to better aid recovery. (3) PES delivery – ease of use and accessibility of an ODP, technology advancements, alternative methods of PES. The online PES platform was beneficial for patients undergoing THR and TKR surgery. It aided their understanding of and preparedness for joint replacement surgery, as well as being a supportive tool for rehabilitation and recovery. All patients actively engaged with the ODP and in doing so, developed a greater understanding as a result of the detailed and structured carepacs assigned.

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