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Connecting the Dots for Caregivers Across The Continuum of Care

Michelle Carter, Quality and Patient Safety Specialist
Barb Fewster, Patient & Caregiver Partner
Jennifer Hubbard, Project Manager
Michelle Jones, CPXP | Corporate Lead, Patient Experience & Privacy
Charlene O’Reilly, Patient & Caregiver Partner

There are an estimated 3.3 million family caregivers in Ontario. Supporting family caregivers improves the overall patient/client experience and quality of care. From 2017-2020, the Connecting the Dots for Caregivers project brought together family caregivers and six healthcare provider organizations across the primary, community and hospital sectors to co-create innovative solutions to improve the caregiving experience. This webinar will highlight the power of a cross-sectoral co-design approach and participants will learn how teams developed resources and tools with caregivers. Presenters will share lessons learned, available caregiver resources, as well as resource strategies that have been implemented to help support caregivers beyond the project and through the COVID pandemic.