Patient Family & Community Engagement

Close the Gap between Patient Expectations and Reality: How to Boost HCAHPS Scores

Barbara Lewis, MBA, Founder, Joan’s Family Bill of Rights

After spending two weeks in the ICU with her sister, Barbara wrote a document, Joan’s Family Bill of Rights, which outlined the wonderful care that she received, as well as opportunities for improvement among the healthcare personnel. This experience is the foundation of this presentation, which tells a poignant story, coupled with important research results, including HCAHPS score analysis. The goal of the presentation is to inspire the audience to connect with real patients and family members using vignettes that inform and motivate the listeners to change systems and alter behavior, which can increase the scores of specific HCAHPS survey questions. The presentation weaves personal stories with research results and shares concrete suggestions on how to close the gap between patients’ expectations and reality, boosting HCAHPS scores.