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Antiracism Skills to Elevate the Human Experience in Healthcare

Jaime Harry, MSW, LCSW | Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Wellness Program Liaison, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Laura A. Kirk, MSPAS, PA-C, CPXP, DFAAPA | Assistant Director of Advanced Practice Providers, Ambulatory Services Office of Advanced Practice Providers, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

This interactive webinar will provide an opportunity for participant self-reflection and group interaction regarding the phenomenon of stereotype threat, the fear of confirming a negative stereotype about a person’s identity that results in distraction and reduced efficacy. The presenters will speak from their own personal and professional backgrounds within clinical work, mentorship, and coaching of other clinicians, and expertise in skilled healthcare communication. Participants will learn and practice strategies to mitigate stereotype threat in themselves, their colleagues, and their patients.

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