Culture & Leadership

Advancing Your Patient Experience Strategy by Strengthening Accountability

Wendy Leebov, Leebov Golde & Associates

Accountability issues plague and weaken patient experience strategies. To achieve breakthroughs in the patient experience, we not only need to stop the erosion of our standards — erosion that occurs when we tolerate behavior violations. We also need to establish, communicate and enforce higher standards that will move us from good to consistently GREAT. In this presentation, Wendy Leebov describes what it takes to raise the bar on employee performance. She illuminates the leader’s key roles in accountability and shares concrete tools you can use to move your employees to a higher level with clarity, courage, and conviction.

Key takeaways will include:

  • The necessity of raising expectations
  • How to identify higher expectations for your team
  • How to communicate higher expectations effectively
  • How to verify whether expectations are being met: Case examples related to best practices (e.g. hourly rounding, caring communication skills and more)
  • How to provide effective performance feedback in a way most likely to be heard How to raise the bar through coaching conversations with high, middle and low performers
  • How to handle employee resistance, alibis and excuses with backbone and heart
  • Suggested strategies for internal change agents

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