To Care is Human: A Patient Experience Podcast

Hosted by:

Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP
President & CEO
The Beryl Institute
Tiffany Christensen, CPXP
Vice President Experience Excellence
The Beryl Institute
Stacy Palmer, CPXP
Senior Vice President & COO
The Beryl Institute

About the Podcast

Stay connected to the changing landscape of Patient Experience through the To Care is Human Podcast Series. The Beryl Institute is committed to elevating the human experience in healthcare by providing a platform for all voices in patient experience to be heard. Join us weekly as the Institute shares conversations with those leading, delivering, and receiving care.

Leading the Conversation

Hosted by Jason Wolf

"Leading the Conversation” is where we engage in the global conversation on improving patient experience through the eyes of those leading and driving change across the continuum of care and elevate the importance of the human experience at the heart of healthcare.

Humans in Healthcare

Hosted by Tiffany Christensen

“Humans in Healthcare” is where we examine The Beryl Institute’s 8 Strategic Lenses of The Experience Ecosystem through the eyes of those delivering and receiving care. By hearing stories from the frontlines, we elevate the human experience in healthcare.

PX Marketplace Series

Hosted by Stacy Palmer 

"PX Marketplace Series" highlights the important contributions of solution providers to the experience movement through conversations with senior leaders of organizations committed to transforming the human experience in healthcare.