Transforming the Future of Healthcare: Reflections on a Decade of the Experience Movement

How have you grown in your own journey to improve the patient experience? What lessons have you taken with you? The evolution of the patient experience movement has been rapid, expansive, and exciting. It has been guided by the voices of practice and evidence. It has honored what matters to patients and care partners. It has been grounded in a commitment to collaboration and the broad sharing of ideas. It remains focused on positive outcomes. 

In Reflections on a Decade of the Experience Movement, Jason Wolf, Founding Editor of Patient Experience Journal (PXJ) and President & CEO of The Beryl Institute, revisits the key milestones in the growth of patient experience through a collection of editorials first published on the pages of PXJ. The chapters in this book reflect a ten-year timeline of how our thinking has evolved, how practice has expanded, how we have faced the challenge of our lifetime, and how we have moved forward with even greater intention. Each chapter provides insights for action, while together they reveal the path we have traveled, and the lessons we have collectively learned. 

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“A compelling blend of reflection and fore- sight, this book is a beacon for those committed to transforming healthcare with practical ideas and inspiring possibilities.”

Nicole Cable

CXO and Founder

“The compilation of editorials and 10 great ideas in Transforming the Future of Healthcare provides an excellent perspective on the importance and evolution of patient experience as a key focus for the healthcare industry today.”

Christy Harris Lemak, PhD, FACHE

Department of Health Services Administration School of Health Professions
The University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Artfully presenting academic research in a practical context, Transforming the Future of Healthcare is the quintessential guide for enhancing patient experiences.”

Joseph Michelli, PhD

New York Times #1-bestselling author of the books Prescription for Excellence, The New Gold Standard, and Driven to Delight

"This collection represents major advances in the thinking and the actions that have positively transformed the patient experience in healthcare for over 10 years. And it sets forth a path forward for future dialog, discovery, and discernment in elevating the human experience in healthcare.”

Victoria Niederhauser, Dr, PH, RN, PPCNP-BC, FAAN

Dean and Professor
Sara Rosenbalm Croley Endowed Dean’s Chair College of Nursing
University of Tennessee

“Through his passionate storytelling, Jason takes readers on an inspiring journey, highlighting the courage, determination, and hope that define the Institute’s mission. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to understand the essence of patient-centered care."

Ronald Wyatt MD, MHA

Senior Fellow IHI
Founder and CEO Achieving Health Equity LLC