My Papa’s Last Days

This painting of David Bartel was done by Victoria Lyons, granddaughter of Rosie and David Bartel. She  gave it to Rosie after David died because she wanted to capture the pain he was in during this time. Even though he was in terrible pain for several months before and after he was diagnosed with multiple organ terminal cancer, he was there for everyone that he knew.

During this time he taught Victoria to drive, went fishing with his son, took his brother for his colonoscopy, and continued to be Rosie’s caregiver. Even during that last month after he was diagnosed when he was given a very short time to live and he was in so much pain it was hard for him to move, he rallied when anyone came to visit with him. He welcomed everyone to his home.

He also spent sometime just sharing his final thoughts with each of his children and grandchildren. Many said he died with grace but he lived loving everyone and that showed through even the pain. He told people he wasn’t afraid to die because he had lived a good life and he never hurt anyone. That was so true. His prayer card at the funeral said, “He gave so much but he asked for so little”. That says it all.