Staff & Provider Engagement

Strength in the Storm: Using PFE Strategies to Reduce Burnout

Tiffany Christensen, Performance Improvement Specialist, North Carolina Quality Center

Burnout is a serious issue effecting safety, cost and patient satisfaction. In this session, Tiffany Christensen explores her personal story of a double lung transplant recipient as well as her professional experience as a patient advocate. Tiffany opens the topic of burnout by sharing her struggle to connect with the patients she served while also lacking the sense that her work was meaningful. After establishing the causes and symptoms of burnout, this webinar then explores three “turn-arounds” of burnout consisting of concrete strategies based in PFE best practices. Tiffany guides participants to find activities to help them reconnect with the enjoyment in patient care, find new strategies for self-care and understand new ways to use PFE to facilitate personal healing.