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Reflections from PX Professionals Impacted by Personal Healthcare Experiences

Sharing healthcare experiences of eight patient experience professionals, this paper explores their personal stories and provides insight into how these experiences impacted them both personally and professionally. Their situations prompt a renewed focus on improving the patient experience and frame a plan for action in healthcare organizations globally. Contributors include: Katherine (Kate) Kalthoff, CPXP, Northwest Community Healthcare Nancy Lawrence, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Jennifer McCroskey, BSAH, RRT, CPXP, Bristol Regional Medical Center Wendy K. Nickel, MPH, Center Patient Partnership in Healthcare Cindy O’Hara, RN, MSN, Inova Loudoun Hospital Naomi Peek, Cancer Care Ontario Heather Rommes, Forbes Hospital Mariane Stefano, FACHE, Nemours Children’s Health System The paper opens with a special introduction from Wendy Leebov, Partner at Language of Caring. A lifelong activist for creating healing environments for patients, families and the entire healthcare team, Leebov is a breast-cancer survivor and has been a watchful and engaged family member through the prolonged, life-threatening illnesses of her sister, mother and friends.

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