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Pitching Your Experience Strategy to the C-Suite

You may be new in your role as a Patient/Human Experience leader or you have worked hard to become in the field. Now, you want to share your insights and knowledge, starting with convincing the C-suite about the importance of Human Experience and how valuable an focus on experience would be in your organization. Maybe you want to create your own Office of Human Experience.

In this session, Mark Llorente and Nicole Cable share insight from their own journey on how to develop, execute, and demonstrate ROI on your experience strategy. Learn how to pitch your ideas and work with resources available, including a limited budget, and how the work continues, even after ROI is achieved.

Nicole Cable, MHS, CPXP, LBBP, Chief Experience Officer, CareMax
Mark Llorente, MBA, Chief Administrative Officer & Head of MSO Operations, CareMax

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