Innovation & Technology

Innovating the Patient Experience

Join the winners of The Beryl Institute’s 2020 Innovation Awards as they share their award-winning efforts to change cultures, implement new strategies and build true partnerships with patients and families.

Organizational Innovation Award – InnovaCare Health Puerto Rico faces unique challenges, including a disproportionately high percentage of seniors, poor infrastructure, provider shortages, hurricane damage and decades of population decline. InnovaCare Health, through its subsidiaries, launched a triad of innovative programs that positively impact the health of their senior population.

Innovative Healthcare Professional Award – Dr. Julie Kennedy Oehlert, Vidant Health Dr. Oehlert’s innovative approach inspires executives, leaders, providers and team members throughout the system to strengthen shared partnerships by demonstrating love and empathy for one another, which translates to a connection back to purpose and creates a culture that supports joy in work.

Innovative Patient/Family Advisor Award – Corey Kimpson, Cambridge Memorial Hospital Corey Kimpson leads by example. Her involvement in the strategic planning process has led the hospital and her colleagues to explore new opportunities to integrate the patient voice into CMH’s culture. As part of the strategic plan that Corey influenced, the hospital is furthering its commitment to integrate patients into the co-design of care.