Staff & Provider Engagement

G.R.E.A.T. Provider Coaching for Patient Experience Excellence

Tom Scaletta, MD, CPXP | ED Chair, Edward Elmhurst Health Julie Danker, LCSW, CPXP | Chief Experience Officer, Smart-ER LLC

This webinar will outline each facet of G.R.E.A.T. “Greet, Relate, Explain, Ask and Thanks” a patient-centered communication tool that can be used as a framework for a provider coaching program. Coaching is a much larger topic than using scripted words. Attendees will appreciate how coaching created an activated patient that becomes eager to learn of his/her diagnosis, remain adherent to the medical plan and this creates excellent outcomes. Sustained modification of a provider behavior is difficult. We will touch on change management theories that motivate staff, accountability and why patient perception of provider concern is a key performance metric. Burnout is rampant and often is at the core of poor performance. We will give an overview of burnout in terms of why is increasing in frequency, what the cardinal symptoms are, the problems it causes for patients and providers and how to break free from its grip.