Culture & Leadership

Exploring Bright Spots: Learning from the Nation’s Leaders in Providing Exceptional Patient Experiences

Kim Bordenkircher, CEO, Henry County Hospital
Teira Gunlock, Consultant, Client Education, PRC, Inc.
John Gnida, Director, Client Education, PRC, Inc.

To create a culture that moves beyond satisfaction and generates excellent patient experiences, you need to study more than failures; we need to study achievements. Studying what successful hospitals do reveals creative solutions that “wow” patients and capitalize on our strengths as healthcare providers. Fixing problems is a worthy endeavor but the real problem when it comes to improving patient perceptions is not that several patients are dissatisfied; rather, too many patients like us and not enough love us. Too many patients are simply satisfied. To solve the problem of satisfaction, we need to learn what bright spots are doing to provide consistently compassionate care to patients. This motivating and educational session will leave attendees understanding how to investigate and learn from their own bright spots within their organization and charged with new ideas for creating a culture that cultivates exceptional patient experiences.

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