Staff & Provider Engagement

Engaging Faculty and Staff in the PFCC Philosophy Using Patient Satisfaction Surveying Instruments

Presenters from Georgia Regents Medical Center include:
Erica Steed, Manager, Patient and Family Engagement
A. Bernard Roberson, Director
Naomi Williams, Patient Advisor

Many times healthcare professionals confuse PFCC with patient satisfaction and customer service. Our experience is that PFCC is the bigger picture, engaging and empowering patients to become partners in health. Patient advisors work directly with faculty and staff to analyze data presented on patient satisfaction. Patient advisors helped to see situations though different lenses. They looked at ways to make changes from personal experience not from a medical, educational or technical theory. Georgia Regents Medical Center faculty and staff appreciate that involving family members in all aspects of care increases the practice of PFCC, increases patient satisfaction, decreases length of stay and increases quality and safety. Participants will be able to communicate the correlational difference between PFCC and patient satisfaction.

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