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Discharge with Dignity: How the Thrift Shop can Make a Difference

Kay Andalis, CAVS, Junior Volunteer Coordinator, Sharp Grossmont Hospital – La Mesa, CA
Linda Van Fulpen, CAVS, Manager of Volunteer Services, Gift Shops and Thrift Korral, Sharp Grossmont Hospital – La Mesa, CA

This webinar will discuss the concept and launch of “Discharge with Dignity” program, share process of working with Case Management/Social Workers/Care Transitions Team, and describe impact on patient throughput.

With support from Sharp Grossmont Hospital Volunteer Services and Grossmont Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary’s Thrift Korral, the “Discharge with Dignity” program assists patients being discharged from the hospital who do not have clothing, shoes or other personal items. These patients may be homeless/indigent; transferring to skilled nursing facilities; or do not have friends or family living close by to provide these items.

*This resource was originally developed by the Association for Health Care Volunteer Resource Professionals (AHVRP) prior to AHVRP integrating with The Beryl Institute in July 2020. This webinar does not offer Patient Experience Continuing Education Credit (PXE).