“Bringing happiness to our pediatric patients through toy deliveries often reduces their fear of being in a medical environment and helps them be more receptive to necessary medical treatment.”

Pat Kirkland

Manager, Family Support Services
Wolfson Children's Hospital

"I had a 6-year-old patient that...was extremely anxious to be at the hospital and finding out he had to change clothes made matters more frightening for him…Once the patient saw how fun this “new” gown [from Starlight] was, he was immediately ready to change and became more compliant. By watching him become less anxious, his family members also became calmer."

Certified Child Life Specialist
CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System

"Starlight Gaming not only gives young children positive experiences but also allows respite for families as they deal with seriously ill family members... 'Play' engagement for children in an otherwise strange and uncomfortable situation changes their perspective of the hospital and provides enduring comfort."

Diane Brown

Huntsville Hospital Foundation

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