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Signals to Action: Northwestern Medicine’s Journey to Humanizing Healthcare Experiences


"With Medallia, we are now able to get real-time feedback and take action on it, with a focus to improve and/or change processes and behaviors."

Tom Laymon

SVP, Chief of Care Delivery Operations
Atrium Health

"We’ve taken and pushed the way that we use comments deeper into the organization. And this has actually proven to be culturally one of the better things we’ve done throughout the organization to make improvements."

Stratis Bahaveolos

Vice President of Engagement
Northwestern Medicine

“Medallia has enabled us to make significant improvements in creating and driving impactful patient experience programs. Our employees are even more motivated now to provide the best possible medical care in all situations because they’re able to see the results of their hard work in real-time.”

Ewa Chorazka

Regional Operations Director

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