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Lunch & Learn - ELEVATE PX 2023

Outsource Compassionate Care: How a Concierge Program Elevates PX

What could your hospital achieve with the right PX partner? Learn how innovative health systems are leveraging professional concierge services to successfully elevate patient experience while creating time and opportunity for medical teams to work at top-of-license. From emergency departments to labor and delivery units, concierge services can be seamlessly integrated into various patient care structures and volunteer programs to provide positive, comforting and compassionate patient encounters.


Creating a Culture of Caring with Concierge Services


“[BEST’s] patient concierge program brought us to the next level. We couldn’t have gotten to the 90th percentile without them.”

Ashel Kruetzkamp, MSN, RN

Emergency Services, St. Elizabeth Healthcare

“[BEST] provides another level of service to better meet the needs of the patient and her family, freeing up the parents’ time to bond with their newborn.”

Dawn Hernandez Price, MSN, RN

Director, Maternal-Newborn Services, Providence St. Jude Medical Center

“BEST is the biggest blessing and the most wonderful gift an employer can offer its employees. I’m able to focus completely on my patients.”

Healthcare Employee Customer

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The Beryl Institute does not play the role of broker between the organization and the resource provider, so please contact directly the organizations in the PX Marketplace to inquire about their offerings. The Beryl Institute is not responsible for the outcomes of any arrangements made between the two parties.