A Passion for Creatures Great & Small

March 2024

As VP of Learning and Professional Development, I help members of our community develop their skills and knowledge through PX learning programs. Away from work, I find joy in all creatures furry, scaly, or feathery, a passion I hope will someday lead to opening an animal rescue farm.


Growing up surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of a small farm, my love of animals blossomed from an early age. For twelve years, I participated in 4-H, where I cultivated a deep appreciation for the care and well-being of all creatures great and small.

In our barnyard, you could find me frolicking with goats and collecting chicken eggs. We ventured into raising geese, turkeys, and ducks, adding a dynamic array of feathered friends to our flock. As a child, I dreamt of becoming a small animal veterinarian, dedicating countless hours to "healing" my beloved stuffed animals with tender care and imaginative remedies.

However, life had its own plans for me, steering me in a different direction when I was accepted into the University of Notre Dame. While they lacked an animal science program, I found myself drawn to the study of human behavior and the field of marketing.

Over the years, our home has welcomed an eclectic array of furry and scaly companions, from cats dogs, and bunnies to turtles and lizards. Despite the enthusiasm of my three children, who imagined transforming our suburban backyard into a zoo, our household finds joy in the playful antics of Biscotti, our spirited Husky mix puppy, and the not-so-fierce presence of Charizard, our bearded dragon. Next on the wish list… an axolotl.

We often venture to nearby farms, relishing the opportunity to connect with nature and visit the resident animals. Someday, I hope to open the doors of a rescue farm, where chickens, ducks, goats, and other animals will find solace and care.

About the Spotlight Series:

You know our faces. You know our names and roles. But do you know about our passions outside of The Beryl Institute? Probably not, so we'd like to change that.

Welcome to The Spotlight Series, a monthly series highlighting the team members of The Beryl Institute. Each month, one member of our team will share interesting facts about their life outside the Institute. It is said The Beryl Institute is like "family," and we aim to expand on this sentiment through greater insight into the human beings behind our Institute titles. We hope you enjoy connecting with us in this way. May the power of connection bring us closer together as a community.