A Passion for Travel and Animals

February 2024

As a Manager of Community Experience, I spend a lot of time in conversation with our supporting partners and dedicated organizational members of the Institute. Away from work, you will find me with my pets or traveling with my fiancé.


Hi, I’m Amy Kwiatkowski.  I have a dog named Tess, who has been my sidekick for the past twelve years, a cat named Calvin that I found in a shelter ten years ago and couldn’t resist taking home, and my youngest dog, Roger, who I rescued almost five years ago. Roger is not camera-shy and loves to interrupt me on Zoom meetings.

In addition to loving my pets, I have spent a lot of my adult life working in animal rescue and rehabilitation. A highlight of that time was when I spent a few months working in South Africa rehabilitating my favorite animal, penguins.

Besides adoring all animals, I love to read. I always set a reading challenge for myself through Goodreads, so reaching my reading goal is one of my New Year’s resolutions each year. I like to switch genres often to keep things interesting.

Another great passion of mine is traveling. My fiancé and I prioritize travel and find ourselves on trips quite often. We were grateful to spend Christmas 2023 in one of my dream destinations, New Zealand! After our wedding this April, we plan on exploring many more places around the world.

About the Spotlight Series:

You know our faces. You know our names and roles. But do you know about our passions outside of The Beryl Institute? Probably not, so we'd like to change that.

Welcome to The Spotlight Series, a monthly series highlighting the team members of The Beryl Institute. Each month, one member of our team will share interesting facts about their life outside the Institute. It is said The Beryl Institute is like "family," and we aim to expand on this sentiment through greater insight into the human beings behind our Institute titles. We hope you enjoy connecting with us in this way. May the power of connection bring us closer together as a community.