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The “Why” Behind Empowering Leaders and Staff

Patient Experience has become such a data driven field that as a health system we realized we were losing the fundamentals of what Patient Experience should be about. Over the past 2 years, as a patient experience team, we have changed our coaching and training efforts to be based upon the “Why” instead of the “How.” Through this shift in mindset, we have seen a transformation in patient experience scores by empowering leaders to take ownership of the positive benefits of utilizing patient experience best practices for their own personal practices while also taking into account what is best for the patient. 

Learning Objectives
• Identify ways to coach and train staff to understand the “Why” behind utilizing patient experience best practices.     
• Integrate the “why” into currently existing patient experience trainings.
• Prioritize staff engagement and understanding into the education surrounding patient experience best practices, providing real-time coaching when possible.

Nicole Henson, MHA, CPXP | Clinical Patient Experience Coach, Methodist Health System
Stephanie Wells, MSN, RN, CENP, CPXP | Director of Patient Experience, Methodist Health System

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