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The Future of Patient Experience: Creating a Predictive Algorithm

Katie Haifley, CPXP | Co-founder COO/CMO, Nobl
Melissa Bartels, MSN, RN, CCRN | Director of Critical Care Services, Bryan Health
Keri Cartagena, MSN, RN, ONC | Clinical Resource Nurse, Bryan Health
Jessica Daniels, MPA, PMP | Executive Director System Patient Experience, WellStar Health System

Discover how a group of organizations embarked on a journey to create a predictive patient experience algorithm to predict if patients are having positive or negative experiences in real-time. Using a combination of data from the EMR, patient rounds, and experience surveys, the algorithm evolved from rudimentary to an adaptive robust predictive model. Attendees will learn the unique trends that the research team discovered that led to a predictive patient experience model. Organizations can apply these learning and innovative findings into their own work to transform patient experiences and run their own predictive experiments. Discover ideas on how organizations can use this powerful predictive data to apply a combination of peak experience interventions to impact patient satisfaction outcomes.

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