Staff & Provider Engagement

Overcoming Caregiver Burnout: Improving the Patient Experience

Charles Kunkle, Chief Engagement Officer, No Time To Care Solutions

Throughout the United States, hospitals are challenged to meet the needs of their patients as well as the overwhelming regulatory and accreditation standards, set forth by governing bodies and accrediting agencies. In this challenging new work environment, patients are often cared for by bedside caregivers who are overwhelmed by the pressure to meet all of the expectations of the patients in their care, in addition to the expectations of their employers. Many caregivers express that they feel overworked and believe they don’t have time to provide compassionate patient centered care. When caregivers feel they don’t have the time to fully care for their parents, burnout is sure to follow. In this webinar, leaders will learn how to provide collaborative and fun working environment, thus decreasing caregiver burnout and improving colleague engagement. The result? A compassionate team who create a patient experience that will exceed expectations and get you the patient satisfaction scores you desire.