Culture & Leadership

Eight Guiding Principles for Patient Experience Excellence

Stacy Palmer, Vice President, Strategy and Member Experience, The Beryl Institute, shares eight essential actions for organizations to embrace to be best positioned for experience improvement. These principles serve as aspirational and affirmative statements about where we as individuals, organizations and collectively as the patient experience movement should focus our efforts. We believe organizations and systems committed to providing the best in experience WILL:

  1. Identify and support accountable leadership with committed time and focused intent to shape and guide experience strategy
  2. Establish and reinforce a strong, vibrant and positive organizational culture and all it comprises
  3. Develop a formal definition for what experience is to their organization
  4. Implement a defined process for continuous patient and family input and engagement
  5. Engage all voices in driving comprehensive, systemic and lasting solutions
  6. Look beyond clinical experience of care to all interactions and touch points
  7. Focus on alignment across all segments of the continuum and the spaces in between
  8. Encompass both a focus on healing and a commitment to well-being