Innovation & Technology

Adapt Quickly and Build Connections through Telehealth

Susan Haufe, Chief Healthcare Advisor, Qualtrics

Laura Cooley, PhD, Senior Director, Academy of Communication in Healthcare
Dr. Lars Osterberg, Director, Educators for CARE, Stanford University School of Medicine
Mystique Smith-Bentley, Executive Director, Service Excellence, Stanford Health Care
Dr. Deepa Thakor, Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine, Stanford University

Social distancing practices resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic have accelerated the use of telehealth and the health care community has clamored to adapt. This session explores the challenges, opportunities, and best practices to enable strong communication and patient experience in the virtual healthcare space. Join Susan Haufe, Chief Healthcare Advisor at Qualtrics, in a discussion with leaders from Stanford Health Care and The Academy of Communication in Healthcare to learn: Challenges and benefits of delivering exceptional telehealth experiences Communication best practices to establish trust in the patient-clinician relationship  Virtual training opportunities needed to support clinicians